A little note about energy!

Being a person that deeply cares about the environment, as well as being an advocate of green technology. Coupled with the fact that the Los Angeles DWP has an outdated administration, and there seems to be no plan for rolling out Solar options in Los Angleles. I have decided to convert our house into full solar energy!! I am very excited about this and will plan on sharing everything I know and learn on how to do this with you all!! I highly advise everyone start thinking about this. Europe is way ahead of us on alternative green energy!


Steady as she goes on Sinbad Post Production…

Hi Everyone,

Haven’t posted in a while, because of the enormous work load in post, and I don’t believe in spending time writing posts and tweeting when we are working and concentrating on shots. But thought I would take time and write a little update.

As everyone knows our project requires special handling with all these VFX shots, and like anything else that is of high quality. We are working our way through them carefully. We know you all want to see Sinbad in action, so we are working over time for you and us as well. But all good things to those who wait! :)

Good stuff just around the corner…hang tight and you shall be rewarded! :)

We love you and God bless!!



Sinbad Unique Post Production Forges Ahead

Our Post Production is flowing smoothly. Sinbad (unlike most films) has a certain style that we are introducing to a new generation of movie fans, as well as bringing back memories of yesteryear for others. We are all very proud of our work, therefore we are making sure of that. Ive said it before and I will say it again; quoting a great actor and filmmaker Orson Wells: “We shall serve no wine before its time.” :) )

I wanted to send a big “thank you” to all the artist working on this project, it is a pleasure to be working with them all.Cant wait to do a toast with you all when we open!

God bless…


PS. Thought we would treat everyone sneak shot: Goliath Crab Creature

Goliath Crab Creature - Sinbad The Fifth Voyage

Goliath Crab Creature Attacks - Still from 'Sinbad The Fifth Voyage'



Sinbad post production notes

We have been getting lots of inquiries about status on Sinbad The Fifth Voyage and release date …

Because of the historic aspect of this film, using new technology and the wonderful nostalgia of old or Dynamation. It is basically taking us double, maybe triple the amount of time to complete the VFX. When doing Dynamation or Stop-Animation, you are shooting frame by frame VS having the computer generate the animation through CGI, which is how it is done in all modern film, and quite frankly maybe the modern CGI is getting a tad boring :)

Everyone hang tight we are working hard to complete post production!! :)

Sinbad The Fifth Voyage (Alakei Statue)

"Alakei" - Sinbad The Fifth Voyage



Sinbad the Fifth Voyage… Documentary Planned

I am super excited about this. We are planning on making a separate documentary titled “Sinbad – The Making of”, in it will be insights from pre-production, all the way through post-production, distribution and on to the BIG release date!! We will also have candid interviews with people from all aspects of production that we have come across.

I think it will be a wonderful insight to movie making. For those of you who want to know all the hurdles of making a film like Sinbad. I look forward to that…. should be fun!!


Sinbad: Behind the Scenes Shahin Sean Solimon and DP Roger Mende

Behind the Scenes Shahin Sean Solimon and DP Roger Mende, looking over a shot on storyboards.


Director, Actor and Creator…

It’s funny I get allot of people asking me to choose one aspect in film. “Shahin, you really should concentrate on either directing, acting, producing or even writing… no one does all!” lol I have heard this way too many times… it’s almost like walking against the grain when you do the multiple aspect thing in Hollywood. I do admit it’s not for everyone to go this route, and it is easier to just pick one, as most people either want to be behind the camera or in front, not both. Well, I have chosen both simply because I like the creativity aspect on both sides. Its really that simple.

In my opinion it’s the dawn of a new era in movie making, and what you put on the screen and how it got there does not matter. So any rules you hear can go right back out the same door, because there are no rules, it’s the end result that counts!

Of course you need the building blocks of any great idea along with massive dedication and love. But there are no set rules in making a movie, except for one: “Make sure your audience likes your film”… ;)


Introducing “Sinbad The Fifth Voyage” to a new world ….

I consider my adventures in re-introducing “Sinbad The Fifth Voyage” to a new generation of movie fans a dream come true. My colleagues and I have been working on this very special project for sometime now, and we are extremely proud of how post-production is coming along… stay tuned there will be much more to come!!