Directing, and Acting… it’s an art unto itself.

Many people have asked me, what part of production do I like best, directing, writing, producing, or acting? … or even Post Production?? (the toughest part may I add).

My answer is always the same; I simply love being creative, and the challenge of making a movie come alive. Each one of those areas has it’s own set of challenges, and fun times of course. So I love them all individually, or collectively. I can either just do one facet, such as just direct on a project, just act, or even just write (which I have done several times) or all of them. I have been told by high level industry execs, that I have the skill of “50 guys”. I don’t know if I would agree, but maybe two or three guys lol. I just like to think of it as a way to get the job done, and help the team make a cool movie.

How much time you are willing to invest and learn those skills, and experience the ups and downs is what it boils down to. Becoming battle tested, and getting better at your craft. I would like to master all of them, and don’t mind doing just one of them, whatever the team needs me to do. It’s that simple.

See you at the movies! :)


Shahin Sean Solimon writer director actor

Shahin Sean Solimon on location shoot. Both behind and in front of camera.


A little note about energy!

Being a person that deeply cares about the environment, as well as being an advocate of green technology. Coupled with the fact that the Los Angeles DWP has an outdated administration, and there seems to be no plan for rolling out Solar options in Los Angleles. I have decided to convert our house into full solar energy!! I am very excited about this and will plan on sharing everything I know and learn on how to do this with you all!! I highly advise everyone start thinking about this. Europe is way ahead of us on alternative green energy!


Director, Actor and Creator…

It’s funny I get allot of people asking me to choose one aspect in film. “Shahin, you really should concentrate on either directing, acting, producing or even writing… no one does all!” lol I have heard this way too many times… it’s almost like walking against the grain when you do the multiple aspect thing in Hollywood. I do admit it’s not for everyone to go this route, and it is easier to just pick one, as most people either want to be behind the camera or in front, not both. Well, I have chosen both simply because I like the creativity aspect on both sides. Its really that simple.

In my opinion it’s the dawn of a new era in movie making, and what you put on the screen and how it got there does not matter. So any rules you hear can go right back out the same door, because there are no rules, it’s the end result that counts!

Of course you need the building blocks of any great idea along with massive dedication and love. But there are no set rules in making a movie, except for one: “Make sure your audience likes your film”… ;)


…Blog blasts off! :)

Hi Everyone,

Although I feel that every Tom, Dick, and Harry has a “blog” I decided to go ahead with mine in the hopes that someone may benefit from my experiences in creativity and more specifically in the movie making world, and maybe more. I believe in passing on information and sharing experiences so that A) someone may learn something and get inspired, and B) maybe get a kick out of my screw ups :)

I promise that I will try and be as true as I possibly can be without obviously giving away anything that may spoil a movie I am working on or something like that. I may even discuss events that have nothing to do with acting, directing, or making movies. I am very opinionated and will generally express how I feel. I believe in being real, but also believe in privacy. With all that said…let us start!!