Director, Actor and Creator…

It’s funny I get allot of people asking me to choose one aspect in film. “Shahin, you really should concentrate on either directing, acting, producing or even writing… no one does all!” lol I have heard this way too many times… it’s almost like walking against the grain when you do the multiple aspect thing in Hollywood. I do admit it’s not for everyone to go this route, and it is easier to just pick one, as most people either want to be behind the camera or in front, not both. Well, I have chosen both simply because I like the creativity aspect on both sides. Its really that simple.

In my opinion it’s the dawn of a new era in movie making, and what you put on the screen and how it got there does not matter. So any rules you hear can go right back out the same door, because there are no rules, it’s the end result that counts!

Of course you need the building blocks of any great idea along with massive dedication and love. But there are no set rules in making a movie, except for one: “Make sure your audience likes your film”… ;)


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