Script writing and developing

Hi Everyone,

It’s the dog days of July heat 2018 in Los Angeles, and I am here working on a project in the editing room. It’s actually so hot that we had to shut down the computers, cause it was simply too hot to work with all those hard drives running (they can get HOT). So I decided to take a minute and post on my page.

I have been writing non-stop for the past few years and in the sci-fi, horror, and action genres. Fully completed scripts that I think would all work as movies. Writing to me is a great way to escape and create original worlds that allow fans to possibly learn from, inspired by or simply be entertained. In fact, after having experienced projects from small to more advanced, I feel like I have a roadmap to continue my career, which I am very grateful for and have worked very hard for. In fact, I think I am ready to pursue a large project for one of the Studios. I feel I can probably bring something great to the table as a filmmaker, producer or actor, and help a team build a smash hit blockbuster (knock on wood).

Anyways, just thinking out loud here and manifesting good energy. Hope you are all following your dreams, as I have through thick and thin.

God bless,

Shahin Sean Solimon 

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