Sinbad the Fifth Voyage… Documentary Planned

I am super excited about this. We are planning on making a separate documentary titled “Sinbad – The Making of”, in it will be insights from pre-production, all the way through post-production, distribution and on to the BIG release date!! We will also have candid interviews with people from all aspects of production that we have come across.

I think it will be a wonderful insight to movie making. For those of you who want to know all the hurdles of making a film like Sinbad. I look forward to that…. should be fun!!


Sinbad: Behind the Scenes Shahin Sean Solimon and DP Roger Mende

Behind the Scenes Shahin Sean Solimon and DP Roger Mende, looking over a shot on storyboards.


5 thoughts on “Sinbad the Fifth Voyage… Documentary Planned

  1. Hi there, what’s the true release date for this movie. first off, you said it will be in July 2011, and later on in Dec 2011, so please let me know exactly, and will it be direct-to-dvd ? Thank you and best regards.

    • Hi yes all dates will be updated soon!! we are working very hard in post and this film is very unique … thank you!

  2. Hi Shahin, how are you doing? I’d like to ask you about your future projects? Most importantly, will Sinbad and the Fifth Voyage 2012 be direct-to-dvd or in theatres firstly?

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