Sinbad post production notes

We have been getting lots of inquiries about status on Sinbad The Fifth Voyage and release date …

Because of the historic aspect of this film, using new technology and the wonderful nostalgia of old or Dynamation. It is basically taking us double, maybe triple the amount of time to complete the VFX. When doing Dynamation or Stop-Animation, you are shooting frame by frame VS having the computer generate the animation through CGI, which is how it is done in all modern film, and quite frankly maybe the modern CGI is getting a tad boring :)

Everyone hang tight we are working hard to complete post production!! :)

Sinbad The Fifth Voyage (Alakei Statue)

"Alakei" - Sinbad The Fifth Voyage



4 thoughts on “Sinbad post production notes

  1. I just wanted to wish you the very best on bringing back the wonderful adventures of a beloved character of my childhood and adult life. I’ve been a fan of the stop motion genre most of my 60 years and have known Ray Harryhausen for 20 some years. I had a long conversation with him by phone two weeks ago and he is still doing well approaching 92. I look forward to your interpretation of the character and adventure, and have posted the info I could find on your film on my Facebook page. There are a hardcore group of us that have been waiting for a film like this. I look forward to seeing the character in a new adventure. All the best.
    Al Davis

  2. Nice! Looking forward to the movie. I’m not a very big fan of CGI. I love how you are doing this old-school, I wish more movies still did their VFX like this.

  3. I really want to see the finished movie. As for the time it takes, I believe real natural diamonds do take long periods to become perfect as opposed to industrially made ones that barely compare in quality. Maybe with efforts like this practical SFX can find new frontiers at the modern world. All it takes is two things, imagination and skill, something that computers can never replace. It is art, nothing more and nothing less and should be treated as such.

  4. Excellent! …can’t wait to see the ‘” New Adventures of Sinbad”‘ I have the complete old collection and just recently viewed them, they are still good movie entertainment after all these years. thanks again louise

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